Tihu College

One of the premier institutions of higher education in Assam, The Tihu College was established on a very auspicious date 04-07-1963, a dream come true for the group of illustrious personalities with support from the rural of greater Tihu area. Under the dynamic leadership with relentless and efforts of Sjt. Sailendra Prasad Medhi, the founder Principal of Tihu it grew into one of the premier rural institutions imparting education from HS to TDC level. The College has trodden a long way with four decades of eventful history behind it catering to the needs of the opting for higher education in the greater Tihu, Namati, Baksa, Khetri Dharmapur area of Nalbari and Barpeta districts of Assam. Even emergence of almost a dozen of colleges in the same hinterland College still continues its rich...

Principal's Desk

Dr. K. K. Talukdar
          At the outset I would like to extend my heartiest welcome to all the well wishers of this glorious academic institution.         “Education should...

College Campus

Tihu College has the following three campuses with two blocks each other :

1. The South Block or Administrative Block: It comprises Principal's Chamber, Principal's Office, Vice-Principal's and Office of the Examination Branch with few class rooms.

News & Events

A UGC Sponsored   National Seminar on "FEMINISM AND ...
A UGC Sponsored   National Workshop onImpact of...
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